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incorporated in 2008


We are passionate about renewable energy sources. Our team is a group of experienced professionals in our respective fields who share a common passion for the conservation of the earth's resources by intelligent use of technology. We focus on creating processes that ensure the vibrancy and sustainability of our immediate communities and our country at large. We offer services in the fields of renewable energy, particularly solar energy, remote sensing, hydrography, drone applications, GIS, topographic survey, borehole construction & pump installation. We focus on professional assembly teams and are proven in their respective fields to provide a multi-faceted approach to solving our client's challenges.

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Our company specializes in the development, planning, assembly and operation of solar powered solutions for energy backup and water pumping. Our independence from brands and manufacturers enables us to always offer our customers optimal, customized solutions and at the same time to react flexibly to changing market conditions.

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reservoir bathymetry lower Usuma dam 65 1


We provide professional surveys with the purpose of collating data of the river bed, dam or estuary. This is very useful for preparation of navigation charts, determination of loss in capacity due to silt and other uncertainties. We will use GIS software to ensure proper collation, analysis and presentation of data captured.

remote sensing

Do you have uncharted tranches of land, wish to establish land-use patterns, evaluate the environmental impact of proposed projects. we will remove the drudgery of site surveys with our UAV surveys. Coupled with powerful GIS software we will produce reports that will assist you in arriving at the correct decision of your needs.

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To focus on contributing to the sustainability of the earth's resources via the use of environmentally friendly solutions from renewable energies as a decisive step towards countering climate change and ensuring a future worth living for our children and future generations.


To develop a reputation in the renewable energy  industry as a trusted and reliable partner , fully committed to meeting of our customer’s energy requirements. With sound work ethic and morals to maintain our customer’s long-term trust and support.